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 killed his pipe cigarettes with smokes Kazbek in addition to before long he / she make right briefcase resting upon their desk. Poskriobyszowi expectation in which absurdity he never ever accept. Inside the case become 2 articles. Handwritten report NKVD specialist Andrei albino in addition to a shorter take note dorm Maxim Wasijlewicza Mortki, a specialist in cell NKVD to dodge matters-established dream associated with businesses, you start with the Institute Neurogenetyki levels of competition, as their leadership became governed by exploration NKVD, whoever result still with regard to an unhealthy affair ought not do rise wątpliwości.Akademika Mortka gathered at a conference specialized in the likelihood connected with getting through a psychical then retained made an impression on him sincere also analytical scientist concurrently, plainly spacer on the narrow approach. M. Mortka, as was traditional, examined the document like a person's essential reasoning abilities involving thought with psychoanalysis. He or she noted that men and women with oblique contribution from the observation associated with this particular happening are steady seeing that near it is possibility and also in a roundabout way verify this content in the inform A. albino. Hence estimates that make a difference may be worth more zainteresowania.Andriej Igorowicz albino, surviving the aide fresh employed Control from the Live with the Western Siberian Property involving Vladimir Mikhailovich Kursk, understood the position of removing anti-state groups work judging by the neighborhood shamans, Old Believers among others peculiar, through which it is really worth to this uwolnić.W territory about 14 09 1936 days in the initial morning, several grouped 10 gift filler next several employees with the NKVD operational-investigative job put into action opportunities within Horlivka shaman mansońskiego Iso-Ugała combined with friends of which outside of the more common stalking along with reindeer type moonlighted theft as well as extortion, addrest as being a style of taxes regarding marvelous guard. That wouldn't normally become a brief to the Asst Key in the Management Board on the NKVD, if Iso-Ugała didn't start to build around the charismatic prophet via uzdrowieniom, predictions in addition to skillful incorporating shamanic views about man's rapport with dynamics, with the Orthodox messianism. He or she happened to well known pertaining to large parts of Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous state with this situation, the drive then, if needed physical elimination took place a subject naturally. 
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 7:00 am home occasion, after that dawn activity drive got started deceptive method to the town during which they survive Iso-Ugol as well as his / her friends. Once they end up being in regards to kilometer from the trip, it turned out 8:30 along with the binoculars we're able to predict the morning bustle. All of a sudden everything gone, and also right after achieving the best place, which usually would not buy five instant, the town ended up being deserted, watching examine 9.30 become. In other words, they gone walking the past distance an hour or so. A hunt regarding pay out in addition to the atmosphere has not really generated outcomes. On-site A. albino placed in an ambush working administrator with six to eight gift, along with he visited the nearby, found on 50 km from the town, as their inhabitants end up being loyal, and also medium practically caused that? and Iso-Ugała disliked. 
h profound thrill out of difficulties competitor he or she explained that this Iso-Ugol is well known to its unfair mischief with scams take nothing at all to do using the respectable importance in the medium, although absolutely nothing may show. However blow regarded with among the bojców, throughout secret, just a. Bielakowi admitted that his competitor includes a lot of odd expertises, like the ability to move time. Therefore tell additional shamans, he certainly not gone through this. Inspired with some containers connected with vodka pledged for you to devise a technique of acknowledging Iso-Ugała. 
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after returning to the brief business office, gotten in touch with by W. Kurski along with decided to continue in areas pending a approach to ingestion shaman. A couple of time later gotten shaman - a competitor looked for testified to 3 generation is going to be held within the party, when intoxicates reindeer red toadstools, after that gets rid of, take in blood along with takein animal meat. This causes strong intoxication combined with a predictive revelations along with uncontrolled conduct, including a good orgiastic. Iso-Ugol announced the engagement. 
Understand with W. Kursk, as well as put together by A. albino raid plan took on a regular method to a location unseen practice 50 jewellry of the NKVD in addition to all 5 operational workers, the acknowledgment connected with intoxicated shamans along with their loved a single, then overpowering another, with headed for hire visitors to public arrest. Others end up being

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