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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


  • What is the meaning of the name ClassigEar?
    Classig is more than classic and Ear is for the people hearing.

  • What is is where you can have your journal, it is a place where you can read and write articles and stories, make comments, connect with people and get paid for your work.
    See more About ClassigEar.


  • What credit will I receive for my articles?
    All of the credits! Your articles will include appropriate credits and your profile informations that you want to share.

  • Can I get paid for my posted articles at
    Of course! Also, we give you access to your reports. This is a monthly and variable (according to how many views you get) income for your whole life. You must respect those conditions:

    • To receive your monthly earnings, you must cumulate a minimum balance of 10$. If you earn less than 10$, your earnings are cumulate to your balance and added to the next month payment.
    • We transfer your money using PayPal. You must configure your PayPal email address into your ClassigEar profile.
    • You must have submitted at least one article or story in the month for collecting your monthly earnings.

  • Can people comment on my articles?
    Yes, everyone is free to speak but needs to respect the ClassigEar user agreement.

  • How can I increase my articles and stories views?
    • By directly sharing it on the social media using the ClassigEar sharing button's that appears when you open your ClassigEar articles and stories, or by using the URL of your articles and your stories.

    • By asking your friends and familly read and share your articles and your stories as showed bellow.

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